At the end of every season, we compile statistics to record the activities and measure the progress of the Des Moines Symphony & Academy. A few of these statistics stand out as notable benchmarks of our impact and remind us of the difference we are making.

During the 2022 - 2023 season, 136,955 people attended our concerts. That’s 136,955 people who were touched by the power of live music. In addition, 4,828 students attended our school-day youth concerts and had the opportunity to experience live orchestral music, possibly for the first time. Last season, over 400 students participated in Academy programs, seizing the opportunity to discover the joy of performing orchestral music. To ensure that all students, regardless of financial background, can experience the transformative power of this musical community of excellence, more than $25,000 was awarded in scholarship funds last season.

As we celebrate the success of the 2022 – 2023 season, we can’t help but also celebrate the people who made it all happen: our donors.

Symphony donors are essential to our mission. Your generosity supports the musicians and music we all love, helping us lift spirits and provide joy and beauty for years to come.

From November 15-22, we will honor all you do to help ensure the Des Moines Symphony & Academy remains a vibrant part of the Central Iowa community.

Thank you for making the music possible!