Orchestra and Fireworks

Symphonic music is one of the most powerful and enduring forms of human expression. This is why the Des Moines Symphony & Academy serves our community by performing and teaching this great music that communicates the deepest of emotions, feeds our souls, lifts our spirits and provides joy and beauty to all who listen.

2021-2022At a Glance

Orchestra Collage
  • Members of The Orchestra

  • Total Concerts Performed

  • Different Pieces Performed

  • Tickets Sold

Income Graph
28% Donor Support $1,341,031
17% Ticket Sales & Performance Fees $796,533
6% Symphony Academy Tuition $269,518
20% Des Moines Symphony Foundation $961,463
29% COVID Relief $1,364,335
Total $4,372,880
61% Artistic Programs $2,166,834
17% Management & General $613,252
15% Symphony Academy Programs $530,794
6% Fundraising $219,551
Total $3,530,431

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity for our daughter to play in the Des Moines Youth Symphony & Wind Ensemble. Our daughter has an incredible heart for music and a strong desire to learn as much as she can. She hopes to major in music in college and this enable provides experiences that will help her long-term as she enjoys it in the short-term. We are incredibly grateful.

The Des Moines Symphony is an Iowa treasure!

I am so lucky to have world class music in my own backyard!

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to educate our children in music. Our daughter who attended the Academy is now preparing to apply for graduate schools and conservatories to further her music education.