Our next family concert is all about the piano!  On Sunday, January 31, Ms. Amanda will take you on an adventure to explore the Temple for Performing Arts, home of the Des Moines Symphony & Academy. You'll get an up-close view of all the different types of keyboards we have in our studios, as well as hear performances from several of our Academy students. 

During this concert, we'll also explore sound and acoustics through a fun at-home activity. Just gather a few different containers like a cardboard box, a mixing bowl, a pop bottle, or a glass bottle. You can even use a blanket, a pillow, or a piece of paper! Ms. Amanda will lead you through an interactive activity to discover how different shapes, spaces, and textures affect sound.

Join us Sunday, January 31 to enjoy this special concert just for kids and families!

#DMSOatHome is a series of videos and streaming content aimed at connecting with our community online. Join us each Sunday evening on our social media channels for a series of live-streamed recitals from our Des Moines Symphony Musicians.

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