Join us for an evening of vocals, bass, and piano! DMSO bassist Jason Wells and vocalist Lisa Harrigan will perform a livestreamed concert exploring the music of Jeri Southern's album, Blue Note, Chicago March 1956.

Jeri Southern started her studies in the classical world and eventually found her way to pop and jazz music. It's rumored that she suffered from serious stage fright, so there aren't many recordings of her playing, but she was well respected among musicians and audiences who had an opportunity to see her perform, including Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra. While Jeri's singing and touring career only lasted for about a decade, she continued to play and teach piano privately for the rest of her life, much preferring that lifestyle to the limelight of show business.

Lisa discovered Jeri's album, Jeri Southern Blue Note, Chicago, March 1956, when she was first learning how to play piano and sing and was struck by her virtuosic piano playing and her unique vocal style. Together, Lisa and Jason will explore these songs through their own arrangements featuring bass, piano, and vocals.

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